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Video Collaboration Apps

Kubi Video
Use the Kubi Video App to control a Kubi and make a video call right from your browser. Integrated video.
Kubi App
Kubi Control App lets you control a Kubi in a browser window and run your video call in another window.
Zoom on Kubi
Zoom integrated Kubi controls into their apps, and now using Kubi with Zoom turns Kubi into an endpoint on one-to-one and multiparty Zoom calls.
Vidyo on Kubi
The Vidyo on Kubi app turns Kubi into an endpoint on Vidyo calls with 300 degrees of pan and 90 degrees of tilt and robotic telepresence with Vidyo.
Kubi Animate
Kubi Animate turns any video into a robotic performance. Record the movement of a Kubi while playing a video, then play back motion & video.

Integrations with Kubi

JACO Kubi Cart The joint solution from JACO and Revolve Robotics lets healthcare organizations bring powerful, engaging telepresence anywhere it may be needed – from isolation rooms to reception. JACO Kubi Carts are the ideal mobile platform that can integrate multiple devices.
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Vidyo Pairing Vidyo and Kubi will create new experiences in telemedicine delivery on mobile devices. The combination of Vidyo’s high performance, secure multi-party video communication and Kubi’s remote tilt, pan and control features can facilitate telemedicine consultations with more active engagement from patients and caregivers using off-the-shelf mobile form factors.
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Plantronics Head tracking in Wearable Concept Two can be used to enable hands-free remote multi-media collaboration to enable a variety of use cases such as telemedicine, distance learning, and unified communications.
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Zoom Zoom has now added greater engagement via robotic telepresence in the form of Kubi. Control your point of view on Kubi directly from within Zoom calls. To remotely control the pan and tilt of Kubi with Zoom, you must have Zoom on a tablet on a Kubi and a Zoom account.
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GeriJoy GeriJoy offers captivating care avatars on Kubi to provide 24×7 elder care, wellness coaching, and reporting to ensure the highest quality care. With a Kubi remote controlled by a clinician, the joint solution is very engaging.
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