Kubi Hybrid Panel at Mobile World Congress on “How Mobile Technology Allows People to Work from Anywhere”

We brought together experts in remote working and mobile solutions from the around the globe both in-person and via Kubi robot live at Mobile World Congress, the World’s Largest Mobile Technology Show, in Barcelona to discuss how mobile technology allows people to work from anywhere. The panel was hosted live at the

ACER booth, at Mobile World Congress, Hall 1 Stand 1G650

February 24th at 3:00 PM Barcelona Time (GMT +1)

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Hugo Messer (Moderator, joining from the Netherlands) – Remote team Expert; Co Founder at ekipa.co
Marcus Rosenthal (joining live in Barcelona), Co-founder & CEO, Revolve Robotics, creator of the Kubi telepresence robot
Johannes Voelkner (joining us from a cruiseship around Venezuela), founder of nomad cruise and webworktravel.com
Dave Nevogt (joining from the US), is a co-founder of Hubstaff, a time tracking software for remote teams.
Toni Schneider, (joining from San Francisco), is a Partner at True Ventures and used to be CEO of Automattic, a distributed company with 400 employees working from homes and co-working spaces in over 40 countries.
Sylvain Mahe (joining from Singapore), is the Head of Agile at Palo IT, an innovative software development company. Agile/lean coach for 5+ years, Sylvain, works with medium to larger Agile transformations, crafting key strategies at the team, management and (CxOs) levels.