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How are You Going to Use Kubi?

Kubi is controlled by an app on a tablet. Each video service has it’s own app. For easy setup steps, click one of our integrated services, or you can use another service.

Setting up and using Kubi is easy.

The first step is to download a Kubi app to connect a tablet to a Kubi, or use an app with Kubi connectivity built in.

Once you start a Kubi app on the tablet, it will automatically find and connect with the nearest Kubi.

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Kubi Control

appstore-41Get it on Google Play

Kubi Control lets you call a tablet from one window – and in a 2nd window you can control the Kubi. Download the Kubi Contol App to your iPad or Android Tablet. The app will give you the URL which the remote caller can use to control the Kubi from a browswer window. First they will connect with the Kubi using the URL, then they can make a video call to your tablet.

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Kubi Animate


Kubi Animate lets you play a video on an iPad, and record motion on the Kubi at the same time. Then, you can play back the video and the motion and video at the same time.

Kubi Animate is very useful in “greeting” situations in public spaces, tradeshows and at events.

Zoom on Kubi

Control your point of view on Kubi directly from within Zoom calls. To use Kubi with Zoom, you must have a Zoom account and Zoom installed on a tablet on a Kubi.
Zoom will connect the tablet to Kubi with Bluetooth LE and allow conference participants to remotely control the pan and tilt of Kubi through camera controls in the Zoom app.

Vidyo on Kubi

Now look around during Vidyo calls – with the app that connects your Apple iPad by Bluetooth with a Kubi Telepresence Robot. With 300 degrees of pan and 90 degrees of tilt, Kubi can radically change your point of view in Vidyo.


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